A Scandinavian Church. Photo by Karl Ahlgren
A blog entry regarding a fellow family historian is a rarity for me, but a recent e-mail from my friend Karl Ahlgren provided motivation for this out-of-the ordinary Sunday special. Karl recently completed a three-week whirlwind tour of ancestral homelands in Sweden and Norway with a head-spinning 45-minute stop at a genealogy center in Lund, Sweden, where his great grandfather was born.

Karl and his wife were swept away by the beauty of the Norwegian countryside, catching glimpses of stunning waterfalls. But in listening to Karl's passionate description of his trip, it was his brush with ancestral parishes and townlands that seemed to excite him the most. And the contact with an elderly cousin in Oslo, brought memorable moments to an already breathtaking trip.

I have no Scandinavian ancestors, but in listening to Karl's presentation and viewing his pictures; I am quite jealous. Not of traveling to Scandinavia; though hearing his description of the beauty of the countries has certainly peaked my interest.

It's the ancestral trip. The stroll along cobbled pathways, leading through villages ancestors traveled centuries ago. Entering a parish were a great great grandmother was christened or reading the faded inscription across the 19th cemetery tombstone of a great great great grandfather: Just the contemplation, sends a chill through my genealogical bones.

A tour of an ancestral homeland is a dream I hope to one day complete. But for now, I will live vicariously through my friend Karl, and hope that one day I too will put eyes on the townlands my Irish and Scottish ancestors once lived.

In celebration of Karl's thrilling ancestral trip, I have built a new page; Links to Scandinavian Records. Karl provided many of the websites, and I added a few more to the list. If you are lucky to have ancestors from Scandinavia, records are noted to be well documented and plentiful.


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